Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Homeschool and the "Unpackaged" Curriculum

So, it's that time of year again. It's the time when I inevitably re-assess our home school: what is working, needs improvement, or what may need to be thrown out altogether. I've been starting to get into a more comfortable groove now. I feel as though I am starting to get a handle on what is comfortable and works best for all of us.
I have really enjoyed My Father's World this year. It is a great "package" curriculum. However, I think I'm starting to have my eyes opened to what so many more experienced mothers have lovingly shared with me in their experience with building their own personalized curriculum. They've explained how they piece together subjects from different curricula and publishers according to what works best for both them and their children.
I love the freedom in that. Isn't that one of the greatest benefits to the blessing of being able to educate your own child? We know them better than anyone and can work closely with them to assure the best possible education for them. The book fair will be crucial to me this year, I believe. I plan to take Sierra with me to allow her to peruse the endless sea of resources. I'm going to observe closely what interests her and those will be the things I will offer to her for the coming year. We will still use the same math, spelling, and Language Arts because they've been working beautifully, but we will customize the rest.
One of my biggest changes will be a more in-depth Bible Study every morning. Since this is the most important part of our family's curriculum, I desire to find something solid, scriptural, and challenging. I'm so thankful that Sierra comprehends so many spiritual concepts and Biblical truths and want to give her something that will grow her desire to know and glorify her creator.
The thing I like most about piecing together my own curriculum is the schedule. Lately, especially, I'm seeing how nice it will be to create my very own schedule that fits our family. I'm excited for the year to come and all that God has in store for me as a mother, nurturer, and teacher to these beautiful gifts He's entrusted to me!


  1. I cant wait for the book fair too!! That reminds me....I need to register online!! Did you know they raised the prices of it? Booooooo! lol! Every year, I start thinking these things too, and think, oh, hey, I think I will change this, or just go ahead and create my own curriculum. But then I always end up going back to HOD, and realizing how awesomely complete it is, and how I feel like we are never missing a thing, always ahead in subjects, how Christ-centered it is, and how I just know I will miss something or mess something up if I try to do it myself! lol! SO, then I end up just sticking with the good thing I have! But I dont know, maybe this year will be never know!

  2. i want to know more about this. i'm so glad to follow your blog and see your progress. i'm a public school teacher, but every day we get closer to school age, i'm thinking...

  3. I think it is awesome that you home school. I would consider it if I was able to stay home with Alex. Maybe one day I will be able to.

  4. I love piecing together my own curriculum!! Do you know I've never been to the book fair?? Ginger E was flabberghasted and told me I MUST GO! I already have everything picked out for next year but it would still be fun to look. =)

    (Here's our list for next year: // I also wrote a lot about choosing curriculum and matching it to my children's needs and interests in this post: