Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Running Thoughts

On my run this morning on our treadmill, my mind wandered back to less than one year ago when I completed those beastly 26.2 miles at the Big D Marathon in Dallas. It was April 11th, my 27th birthday, and I was just weaning my 12 1/2 month baby. I never realized until just this morning just how amazing it is that God brought me so far (literally, :)) so fast. As I labored through my "modest" 2 miles this morning at a pace of 5.4 mph (really nothing to scoff at), I thought how I ran that 26.2 miles at a rate of 6.0 mph. That could have discouraged me on this morning's run, but for the fact that I knew it took hard work and LOTS of painful, hard, taxing workouts to get there. It only encourages me to know that in only a short year after having a baby, my marathon goal was accomplished. It can be done!

I'd like to share with you my musical findings, this morning, as well. I've found the perfect running soundtrack! Haha!

  • beginning: Needtobreathe; fun, great beat/acoustics/harmonies to motivate and get you started
  • middle, bulk of the run: Lecrae; great beat to pace and solid words/lyrics to ponder. (gets that bass pumpin')
  • end: Shane and Shane; relaxing, worshipful, great time to praise and thank God all the way home and great for controlling tired breathing and muscles ;)
That's it. Give it a try and let me know what you think. :)


  1. i'm not a "runner". in fact the longest race i've done is a 10K. the sole and ONLY reason why i run is because it is perfect praise and worship time. i can be alone, in nature, with my music, pushing myself further while worshiping the creator. i don't think i will ever make it to a marathon, but i'm ok with that. i so much admire your committment! you're awesome!

  2. oh man, Lissa! You share my heart exactly. Thank you for your kind words. None of what I accomplished was apart from Christ and his strength and mercy imparted to me! ;)

  3. It is really amazing when you look at it like that, and how much you accomplished in such a short time period...amazing!!