Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not Quite the Vacation We Expected

God is good. Even through the storms, God is good. Steven lost his job the day before his hard-earned two week vacation. With four kids to care for, I could easily lose my mind. God is good, though. He is steady. He holds us in His hand. He never leaves us. He gives us brothers and sisters in Christ who bless us with the gospel played out in real life. I am thankful.

We took a day to play amidst the job search. I'm so thankful our home town has a "beach".

Juliet is fearless in the water. That is both good and bad. Let's just say she keeps us on our toes at the beach. I only had one running through the water like a lifeguard moment, so I think that's an improvement.

Jaysen is the opposite. He is mister caution when it comes to, well, most everything. It's funny how those two look so alike, yet they're so vastly different.

Margot and I had some quality time in the shade. Don't you just love those feet? I do.

Oh, and I'm taking a much needed one week break from Facebook. It's been wonderful. It's funny how being "unconnected" has made me feel so much more connected. (to my family, anyway)

with much love, Lara

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  1. so sorry about the job! but, i do know that god uses things like that to bless us with even more, so hang in there while you're waiting for his plan! love the pictures. and i also agree that the break from fb is always a nice way to "re-connect". -lissa